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The website is done

Hi all

The website is more or less done….WOOHOO!

It is really nice seeing things coming together. The site now has a page with all my dances and statistics about the latest updated dances, most downloaded and best rated.

Yes, not only may you download the step sheets from this site, but you also have the chance to give ratings to the different dances along with sharing them on different social media.

There is also a video gallery of all of my videos put onto youtube/vimeo under My Videoes. If you’d prefer to go directly to the source you will find links around the site for both my YouTube and Vimeo channels.

Under the Contact Me page you will find how to get in touch with me. Please send me a message with suggestions or request or even if it’s just to say Hello 🙂

Don’t forget to sign up for my Newsletter to get the latest info about my new dance releases etc.

Hope you’ll enjoy yourself. Happy dancing!